Yesterday, London held its Pride march. After having gone the last few years I decided to miss it this year. On the one hand, it was just too hot to be standing with thousands of people. And on the other: I really wanted to watch the World Cup quarter finals! But I got to appreciate the excitement through social media as my friends shared the joy of the day.

For the LGBTQ+ community, Pride is a time where you can be who you truly are without worry of any repercussions. Because, finally, you’re not standing alone. There are literally thousands of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgenders, and every other kind of queer person taking part. It is harder to be singled out in a crowd of straight people, for being different, even if they don’t hold any prejudice.

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In case you missed it the first forty times: I’m a white man. So it’s impossible to talk about experiences which aren’t my own with any full understanding. It’s likely it’ll come across as patronizing. There’s a lot to take in, to learn, and I guarantee I will miss out elements which shouldn’t be ignored. I want to be corrected and have people tell me what I’ve missed and why I’m wrong. I genuinely want to know and try to comprehend another’s experience.

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