Why hasn’t anyone on the political left labelled Republicans as being soft on crime when it comes to gun control legislation?… View Post

It is easy to say women shouldn’t dress one way, or act another way; it is easy to blame women. Maybe we could have a go at believing them instead?… View Post

After being outed as a serial predator of multitudes of women through his long career as a Hollywood studio executive and producer, Harvey Weinstein has had to step down from his roles at his company, retreat from public eye, and… View Post

There’s no point in offering thoughts & prayers, nor for a period of mourning. There’s no time. In 2017 there’s been one mass shooting per day, and most don’t get reported nationally. It’s just another part of American life: death by firearm.… View Post

Trump accused protesting NFL players of disrespecting the United States because they knelt during the national anthem. The fact the racist president ignored the literal point of the protest was sadly lost on many other conservatives.… View Post