Mainstream feminism has always been overwhelmingly white. White voices, white faces, white circumstances, white explanations, white solutions. Whitey-white-white. Not all, or even most, feminists today are white, but these faces continue to front the movement.… View Post

Like many of the LGBTQ+ people who have already seen it, I wish Love, Simon was available when I was a kid. Would I have been out and proud before turning 18? Probably not, but I wouldn’t have felt like being gay was wrong, that I was deviant. I’d have known my feelings were normal – beautifully normal – that I’d be accepted as I am, that I could be loved.… View Post

Our entire cultural system has been designed to suggest boys are one thing and girls another; that boys can grow to be doctors or lawyers or police officers or CEOs or politicians. Read: leaders. Women are brought up in a world seeing themselves in submissive roles, to only serve another and neither lead not own her own autonomy. Think: nurses, secretaries, hairdressers, cooks*, and – yes – motherhood, where they serve their partners and children. … View Post