Disney is the biggest movie studio on the planet. They have finally decided for a focal gay character in a planned movie. And they have opted to have a straight character play this role. So let’s discuss why it matters.

Queer people are not here for your amusement. We are not here for your spank bank. We are not here for you to do anything but accept us as we are.… View Post

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We say Love Is Love. But by that measure Hate Is Hate, and we should never tolerate it under any circumstance. Ever.… View Post

Mainstream feminism has always been overwhelmingly white. White voices, white faces, white circumstances, white explanations, white solutions. Whitey-white-white. Not all, or even most, feminists today are white, but these faces continue to front the movement.… View Post

Like many of the LGBTQ+ people who have already seen it, I wish Love, Simon was available when I was a kid. Would I have been out and proud before turning 18? Probably not, but I wouldn’t have felt like being gay was wrong, that I was deviant. I’d have known my feelings were normal – beautifully normal – that I’d be accepted as I am, that I could be loved.… View Post