The risk when LGBTQ+ children are not accepted

It’s an objection that comes up a lot when we discuss transgender children: they are simply too young to be able to make that kind of decision about their own lives. A cis, 9 year old boy cannot truly feel like she was born in the wrong body. They should wait another nine years to make the choice in adulthood. Nine more years of bullying, of torment, of feeling lost. Eighteen years of never feeling like yourself, like a lie.

What about gay children? There are many of us who know from a very young age that they are different, like I did, but have neither the vocabulary nor the cognition to frame it into coherency. But we still know something isn’t as society has outlined for us. View Post

Straight Actor for the Queer Role: the Disney fuck up

Disney is the biggest movie studio on the planet. They have finally decided for a focal gay character in a planned movie. And they have opted to have a straight character play this role.

So let’s discuss why it matters. View Post

In London it was hard to feel Pride

Yesterday, London held its Pride march. After having gone the last few years I decided to miss it this year. On the one hand, it was just too hot to be standing with thousands of people. And on the other: I really wanted to watch the World Cup quarter finals! But I got to appreciate the excitement through social media as my friends shared the joy of the day.

For the LGBTQ+ community, Pride is a time where you can be who you truly are without worry of any repercussions. Because, finally, you’re not standing alone. There are literally thousands of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgenders, and every other kind of queer person taking part. It is harder to be singled out in a crowd of straight people, for being different, even if they don’t hold any prejudice.

And yet, in London… View Post

Let the boys wear make-up: a tale on gender

This story starts with a simple image someone shared on Facebook (as all great stories do).

The message is simple – boys should continue to be boys and leave girl things alone. It’s been seen as a throwback to all the good times when boys and girls knew what was expected of them; easy to categorize A-or-B boxes; “Red pill or blue pill, Neo?” Because gender is binary and locked into your DNA. View Post

If someone is willing to sacrifice themselves in service to their nation, then why the hell should we care if they’re transgender?

According to The Washington Post, Viagra on its own costs the US military five times more than transgender service members’ entire medical expenses. Let that one sink in. View Post