About That Guy…

In case you came here confused, I’m a feminist. And I’m a guy. Apparently that’s weird. (What now?!)

While we should be in a world where people shouldn’t give two fucks what my gender is, this is the world we’re in. I’ve noticed how people look at me confused when I wear feminist shirts, or talk about gender equality. Lots of “OK…but you’re a man, right?”

I have never understood it. I mean, I’m also white but that doesn’t prevent me from standing firmly behind Black Lives Matter. If I wasn’t gay I’d like to think I’d be 100% in support of LGBT rights. Being one thing doesn’t mean you cannot be another. I’d personally love to live in a category-free society but… that utopia is waaaaay off!

So here I am. That Feminist [Guy]. Because everyone should be equal, and patriarchy has clearly been a shit-show for the past few millennia. How about something new?!

This site is my spin, my thoughts on a number of issues and news pieces which never quite seem to take a break. While many will probably focus on feminist platforms, others won’t. I like to think of myself as pretty fluid like that! 🙂

If you have any questions, or want to cuss at me relentlessly, hit me up:

Twitter: @feministguy_

Email: contact@thatfeministguy.com