Apparently it’s super difficult to believe women

So I saw this video today on Facebook and I couldn’t help myself from needing to say something.

Elizabeth, who claims everything she does is because of “her love for Jesus Christ” on her Facebook page, is pretty forthright with her positions, and her activism seems to stem from rescuing “children from abortion” – I dread to know what that actually means.

The video:

Now I’d be lying if I said I disagree with everything she said. First, there are some women who will play up abuse and attempt to victimize themselves all for the big payout at the end. I mean, you can guarantee you’ll find at least one shit-head out of every 100 people.

Now let’s break down the bullshit.

The system which protected Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein et al. was so industrious that any woman who attempted to complain or report the abuse was regularly ignored, mocked, or ostracized in order to prevent stories getting around. And let’s not forget how much harder it became for these women to get work in Hollywood which, despite its liberal label, is run by a majority of white, straight men, many of whom knew of the behind-the-scenes actions.

Should these young actresses have gone up to men’s hotel rooms? Hindsight is beautiful, ain’t it, Elizabeth? Not all of these actions took place in Los Angeles. Not every actress going to auditions or to meetings were in their hometown and were staying in hotels. And to meet in another’s hotel room for business isn’t entirely implausible. Many would have entered into negotiations trusting they were being taken seriously, while others were probably just scared of the ramifications if they didn’t comply. It is easy to say women shouldn’t dress one way, or act another way; it is easy to blame women. But given what we know about Weinstein and the other men who have abused women for their entire careers, you either play along or lose out.

“But is the job worth it? You can get another!”

This is thinking from the man’s side, not an unbiased view. And another job from where? There are hardly any industries women won’t face some kind of abuse. It isn’t always rape or assault.

That’s Hollywood – what about Washington?

Well, I do agree a little with Elizabeth. The men in question should resign if they are found to be guilty of the accusations. But who has actually resigned?

  • Senator Al Franken (D-Mn) resigned after multiple accusers came forward some with photographs to back up their claims.
  • Congressman Joe Barton (R-Tx) will not run for re-election in the 2018 midterms after a video and naked selfies surfaced online after he sent them to multiple women, as well as extramarital affairs with others.
  • Congressman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mi) resigned after accusations of sexual harassment were reported by Buzzfeed.
  • Congressman Trent Franks (R-Az) offered a female staffer $5million* if she would bear his child, and immediately resigned on December 8.

* the cost of surrogacy is no where close to $5million, so… what exactly was he looking for?


All these men who have so far resigned or will end their congressional tenure had evidence against them. An innocent man does not just give in because the struggle is too difficult (while not exactly a bible quote, it sounds fairly biblical so why Elizabeth, servant of Christ, is so quick to judge the women here I do not know).

It’s easy to say what you would and would not do when you’re not actually in the situation. I don’t claim to know what went through every woman’s head. But to compare the man’s actions with the woman’s is frankly disgusting and demonstrates only ignorance.

Some of these women may have made imperfect, even questionable decisions, but what the men did was abusive and at times criminal. Equating them shows just another example of the culture around sexism women must face, even when the accuser is another woman.

Women-protestAs stated, there may well be a number of women who scheme and lie for attention, for profit, for celebrity. But until we know a woman has lied, why don’t we treat them the same way Elizabeth thinks we should treat the men; innocent until proven guilty? A stalemate of he said/she said will always induce support for one party. So why is it rarely the women? Men are typically forgiven, getting away to do some soul-searching at a 28-day facility in the middle of nowhere. And the women? Marginalized, cast out, slandered for their promiscuity, for asking for it, for deserving the abuse.

There is a reason people are now saying believe women; if for nothing else, it will continue to shine a light on the paternally-protected, misogynistic culture embedded across every industry until men finally learn to not take their dicks out at work.

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