The Defamation of Serena Williams Part II: because, what? You thought it would end?!

Twice in one month. Who’s surprised? You shouldn’t be. If you saw the last piece I wrote – or the continued discussions over the racist and misogynist views people have of women and notably black women in the traditionally WASP sport, then it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Serena Williams has once again found herself thrown to the flames in just a few weeks. View Post

The risk when LGBTQ+ children are not accepted

It’s an objection that comes up a lot when we discuss transgender children: they are simply too young to be able to make that kind of decision about their own lives. A cis, 9 year old boy cannot truly feel like she was born in the wrong body. They should wait another nine years to make the choice in adulthood. Nine more years of bullying, of torment, of feeling lost. Eighteen years of never feeling like yourself, like a lie.

What about gay children? There are many of us who know from a very young age that they are different, like I did, but have neither the vocabulary nor the cognition to frame it into coherency. But we still know something isn’t as society has outlined for us. View Post

Serena Williams defies by being black, woman, and winning

Serena Williams has devoted her life to tennis. Her participation and continued success have provided the sport with a millions of fans who otherwise would not have noticed. After all, the history of the sport is simple; white country club. It was for the elites. It was mostly for men. And it was of course repressively white. In spite of this, Williams and her sister Venus have graced the game with intelligence, pride, and athleticism generally unmatched.

So it’s of no surprise to anyone when the President of the French Tennis Federation, Bernard Giudicelli, decided to call out Serena specifically for her supposed abuse and disrespect of the game: View Post

Dear Straight People: LGBTQ+ people are not here for your entertainment

In one episode of Friends, Joey and Ross fall asleep while watching some videos (it’s old, bear with me). In the first hilarious scene, Ross wakes up after dozing on Joey’s chest. They’re both awkward. They’re both uncomfortable. And despite neither of them finding the other attractive, they could not deny that it was unmistakably “the best nap ever!”

“It’s weird!”Ross exclaims, but his face tells us it feels so right! And they have to do it again, but they can’t because what will their friends say? They’re not gay, so it’s a total WTF moment! AAH! It’s melodramatic, but OMG it is sooo funny! View Post