Manchester Pride has opted to be the UK’s first city to officially use an alternative Pride flag for 2019 and beyond. While using the standardized rainbow, the flag has two additional stripes: brown and black. These represent queer people of color… View Post

Recent years have seen a push for not just diverse casts and crews, but in the stories being told; Black, queer, women, and those with disabilities. While these stories proved to be bankable for Hollywood again and again, we are rarely given an honest picture.… View Post

Twice in one month. Who’s surprised? You shouldn’t be. If you’ve seen the continued racist and misogynist views people have of women and notably black women in the traditionally WASP sport, then it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Serena Williams has once again found herself thrown to the flames.… View Post

Jamel was nine years old when he came out to his mother, Leia Pierce. He had said it so nonchalantly that she wasn’t sure if he was playing. He repeated the declaration and she responded by telling him she loves him regardless.… View Post

And so, because the games top athlete wore a catsuit that not only kept her healthy, but was clearly practical, Williams has once again been singled out for being too black, too much of a non-dainty woman, all the while continuing to succeed. And she has done it all with grace.… View Post